Settlement cells installed in Chicago

Getec UK have just installed a wireless settlement cell system north of Chicago, U.S for a large domestic client via Hayward Baker (a Keller company). The cells are positioned at formation level and on top of stone columns for the first phase. The instrumentation will monitor Settlement of the native soils due to the weight of the fill, Self-weight settlement within the fill and settlement due to building loads. Due to the long distances (300m to 800m) Getec have custom designed tubing to cope with long distance hydraulics. Cabling to logger boxes is always an issue on these large projects during construction. Getec have installed LF data nodes at the system reservoir ports that relay data to a solar base station that sends data to our server. Data is displayed in Getec Quickview in 2D and 3D with our original Getec site manager software that allows accurate data co- relation to filling and construction.