Getec install Fibre Optic sewer monitoring in two large central London sewers for Tideway contractors

Getec successfully designed , manufactured and installed two deep sewer monitoring systems  in central London as part of the Thames Tideway project. The design was developed to provide a modular and flexible model as The sewers were not available for inspection prior to the short installation programme. Getec revised the design used on the Store Road sewer for Crossrail to reduce the installation risk and provide more flexibility on size within the confined space. The fibre bragg sensors were installed with temperature correction sensors at each section ( 8m in circumference ) over 5 areas covering 150m and linked to the scanner with a backbone cable.

Realtime data will be provided within our Quick View software in 2 & 3D Views.

Getec have been successfully monitoring sewers in Europe for tunnel drives and construction  for the last five years with great results and excellent data. In Hamburg we have monitored 300m of tunnel while a  TBM bored alongside providing valuable information to the asset owners. The strain measuring fibre optics are ideal for this environment. The low profile and intrinsically safe method, cuts the price and installation time by half compared to other techniques.