Getec's Monitoring put to the test with the arrival of the Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier

Getec have completed a series of monitoring works at the site where the 65,000 tonne Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier berthered yesterday at her new home in Portsmouth Harbour.

Automated Total Station and Vibration Monitoring works were undertaken on the existing 160 year old dock wall prior to and during the demolition of the existing jetty before it was extended to accommodate the new aircraft carrier.

Automatic survey works were originally planned to be undertaken in hourly cycles , however at a later stage following a change to the project requirements the measurement cycles were grouped in 10 minute intervals . The raw data was automatically post processed with "least squares" adjustment software and reported via our bespoke website visualisation software.

High frequency data collection was completed on the new floating spacer units to ensure they could withstand the movement using a series of wireless tiltmeters reporting every 1 second.