Fibre Optic Sensing

Fibre optic technology is an innovative method of measuring strain within structures and geotechnical processes. GEO-Instruments uses Fibre Bragg technology to provide bespoke
monitoring solutions. GEO-Instruments partner with Sylex to provide a complete system of design and monitoring solutions.

The advantages of using fibre optics, especially for tunnel and sewer monitoring is that it is an intrinsically safe, Atex rated method of measurement and will read micro strain directly and in real time. The fibre optic unit has a high lifetime when in situ and requires no individual calibration.

Measurement is based on light and therefore long distances of sensors can be installed. Fibre optics have fine measurement accuracy and the data is viewable through our monitoring databases.

Fibre optics have been used to measure pipelines, props, tunnels, sewers, bridge stays, bridge decks, water levels, ground extensions, embankment strain, railway beds and roads.


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