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Monitoring requires a powerful means of visualisation that can be adapted to suit a client’s needs. GEO-Instruments recognises this and by utilising our years of experience has developed QuickView, a web-based monitoring platform that was built in-house, to provide our clients with a full site overview that can be incorporated in a BIM model either by hyperlink or built-in dashboard.

We can also import the Revit model in 3D and allow a full site view for the client. QuickView is inclusive of a variety of geotechnical and structural instrumentation along with geodetic and manual surveying. The instrumentation points can be added by the user or by our engineers. The aim of the software is to allow full flexibility to add in any other form of measurement on site. QuickView also shows data from noise, vibration, dust, wind speed and direction.

The ability to select multiple different sensor types and show them on one graph is time saving and informative to the end user. QuickView also allows the user to add in pile/demolition/ construction data in 2D or 3D and adjust this data as the work is being carried out on site.

The platform allows the client to review historical data for the project and also to update the journal to keep accurate records of key events through the site works. In addition to this, we also provide sophisticated alarm systems via the trigger level system defined on site. QuickView is intuitive and training provides a high level of end user familiarity to be able to analyse, report and discuss monitoring results.



Another software solution that can be provided by GEO-Instruments is gtcVisual® which is the first module in a series available for the construction professional.

Modules that can be added to gtcVisual® include GroutControl®, JetGrout, and ATDS®. gtcVisual® provides a GIS view to the complete project, which can be scaled down to view at a particular locations. gtcVisual® can be viewed in playback mode set from key dates inputted by the user.

This is a facility that users viewing the interaction between site activities and instrumentation find essential. The monitoring data can also be interpreted using graph and timeline functions.



The control of complex grouting works for buildings in the influence of  a tunnelling or excavation  is imperative for any contract. Compensation Grouting is the injection and hydro fracturing with grout of the soil between the foundation to be controlled and the process causing the settlement.

GroutControl is a measurement system capable of displaying the surface settlement in real time, as well as writing and reviewing grouting instructions to purpose built grouting pump containers. Groutcontrol monitors grouting data (borehole position, grouting phases, initial grout pressure, final grout pressure, grout volume per step and cumulated, etc.) in real time with the site monitoring data.


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