Hydrostatic Level Cells (HLC)

A hydrostatic levelling cell system allows for accurate real-time measurement of structures for vertical movement, be it either settlement or heave. Typical applications include monitoring of buildings, excavations, railways, bridges and tunnels.

This system is adapted to an environment where conventional survey techniques would not be possible. Benefits of the system are the high accuracy, the ability to completely monitor structures on all sides with one system, and low maintenance. We can also utilise a tiltmeter system in combination to provide a complete settlement and tilt package for structural monitoring purposes. We are skilled in the effective design, installation, commissioning and long-term maintenance of this monitoring system.

The HLC system can work in a broad range of temperatures, with a rapid system for acquisition, archiving and visualisation of data. This makes it an essential system for controlling risk-critical events such as compensation grouting and tunnelling.

HLC's can be used for structural monitoring, tunnels, tanks, slabs, embankments, pile loading tests, elevators, track beds and other structures that require precise and stable measurements. Geo-Instruments has installed the largest system to date with 1700 cells controlling settlement and heave in Mayfair and Soho in London.

Bond Street, London ; Hydrostatic Level Cell locations as viewed in gtcVisual 

Tottenham Court Road, London; Hydrostatic Level Cell locations. 

The HLC's are installed by GEO-Instruments engineers and commissioned before handing over to our clients. The cells are not available for direct purchase and install by other parties. We have installed systems for other instrumentation and monitoring companies. 

We are skilled in the effective design of systems, the installation and commissioning and the long term maintenance. The system functions well with temperature and with a very fast system for data acquisition, archiving and visualisation ,makes it an essential system for controlling critical activities such as compensation grouting and tunnelling .

GEO-Instruments have combined this system with the use of biaxial tiltmeters to provide a complete settlement and tilt package for structural measurement.


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A double system of Hydrostatic Level cells were installed to the ground floor of an upmarket Bond Street shop ...

To monitor the movement of existing terminal buildings while a large excavation was undertaken adjacent. ...

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