Total Station

GEO-Instruments uses the latest technology for geodetic measurements. Using robotic total stations in a networks for monitoring structures, railways or excavations and trained surveyors to undertake manual monitoring using digital levels.

GEO-Instruments offers a fully networked solution to any robotic total station installation, we design your system and provide a fully transparent and quality checked service. We also use the latest technology with respect to quality control with our in-house GEO-Instruments RP software, which checks network errors and tracks real-time data return percentages; This is used in conjunction with Star Net and Geomoss.

Data is sent from all instruments and survey teams to our databases for our (or your) engineers to view the data in various graph modes. The survey data is configurable in slopes, deflection ratios and settlement or movement in all planes. For Railways we provide automated and alarmed Twist and Cant views.

With our GEO-Instruments Quick View RP system we can set up an ATS system and display 3D views of your site and bespoke data display in a matter of hours.

GEO-Instruments offers a full supply, installation and maintain survey package with our managers and engineers being time served geodetic professionals.


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