Environmental Monitoring

GEO-Instruments is pleased to be able to provide the Sigicom INFRA a complete measurement system – from sensors to web presentation and gtcVisual and GEO-Instruments Quick View

 reporting. The INFRA system makes it easy to conduct advanced measurements in the field, with little or no human interaction. A variety of environmentally sensitive parameters can be measured, such as vibration, sound and noise and air shock waves. The data is instantly uploaded to a cloud base, making viewing and reporting easy and relevant. Data can be integrated into many of our monitoring software formats. GEO-Instruments Engineers install and commission the site equipment and provide training  on the reporting protocol.  A variety of environmentally sensitive parameters can be measured, such as vibration, sound and noise and  air shock waves.

The sensors in an INFRA system detect and measure vibration, noise, etc, and relay the readings to a data-logger (master unit). Cable length can be up to 500 meters. Up to sixteen sensors can be connected via one cable to a single master unit.

The sensors continuously measure  and, when triggered by a particular vibration or sound, record detailed signal sequences. The sensors automatically send all data to the master unit.

The master unit connects via a mobile network to the Internet and transmits data automatically to an online database. Selected recipients, such as construction managers and machine operators can also get immediate information regarding measurement activity via SMS sent to their mobile phones or smart phones. Data can be presented in various ways for different kinds of reports, such as in chart or table format. These presentations are then made available to designated users, such as measurement consultants and their clients.

The master unit is equipped with a replaceable battery that can sustain long periods of operation without recharging. It also supplies the sensors with power via the bus cable. If available, other power sources can also be connected to the master unit if extended battery life is needed. GEO-Instruments Engineers install the system, commission and support the user, either remotely or on site.  Data collection is fast and report generation is easy to configure for site purposes.

GEO-Instruments provide competitive rates for install, commission and reporting . We have projects in the UK, Finland and the US using this service. We like  to call it ....Comfort Monitoring


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