Wireless Tilt Deformation Sensors

GEO-Instruments is able to provide their clients with a one stop solution to their monitoring requirements. The wireless tiltmeter's that we use are a perfect solution for tunnel deformation monitoring and track twist and cant calculations. GEO-Instruments engineers are LU, NR and DLR certified. We provide a full range of condition and track geometry surveys prior to works. Instrument data is sent to either gtcVisual or GEO-Instruments Quick View software or apps for viewing.

Health and Safety is paramount to our track and tunnel projects. Fully compliant approval, method statements and risk assessments are provided in the required time frames. 

We enhance wireless tiltmeter installations by using the in-built mesh networks where the gateway only needs to communicate with one node in order for the whole network to send data. This provides for highly flexible deployment permutations in comparison to hub and spoke wireless alternatives. Our gateway comes in a variety of options to ensure data is readily available even before the install team leaves site.

The system is highly intelligent and enables us to interact with nodes and the gateway remotely and can visualise and manage key elements within the network. For example: Battery life is important and we are able to see and predict battery life on a continuous basis. Battery life cycles fluctuate dependent on the frequency of the readings required.

The FlatMesh Node gives the Rail and Construction industry a reliable, easy to deploy and cost effective monitoring solution. It needs little installation labour or technical know-how and requires little on-going support. Extra units may be added at any time when additional or unforeseen monitoring requirements are presented. Our nodes are readily able to interface to both analogue and digital sensor types providing a voltage output or can be used for reporting. All nodes connect up to our gateway which only connectivity to one other node to ensure all the systems data is transmitted to our user friendly monitoring software. All FlatMesh Nodes measure temperature.


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