GEO-Instruments provides the following expertise to the construction, geotechnical and structural health industry

  • Manufacture, install and commission of GEO-Instruments Liquid Level measurement cells.
  • Bespoke instrumentation & monitoring systems based on GIS platforms for real-time structural and ground monitoring.
  • Software systems for Compensation, Jet, Permeation Grouting.
  • Geotechnical Software.
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation. Source, supply, install and commission
  • Shape Accel Array ,supply, install and commission 
  • Fibre Optic instrumentation for Geotechnical and Structure monitoring 
  • Management and Monitoring Engineers to deliver your  monitoring project
  • Excavation Monitoring  
  • Wireless Bi- Axial Tiltmeters
  • Surveying and Robotic Total Stations
  • Excavation Monitoring  
  • Tendering and Bid assistance
  • Vibration, Noise and Dust Monitoring
  • Rail Track monitoring
  • Wireless Tunnel Deformation Monitoring 
  • Sheet Pile Wall monitoring

The above components are supported by experienced management and site operatives, with real world experience in the planning, installation, reporting and delivery of monitoring systems