Introducing Reggie

At 23 years old, Londoner Reggie Harrison has the kind of job other people his age can only dream about. He was recently in Sydney to install a monitoring device on Brookfield Multiplex’s the Scottish Hospital redevelopment.

Reggie Harrison fell into a job with Getec UK, part of the Keller Group, about 6 years ago, and now travels the world installing Hydrostatic Levelling Cells – monitoring devices that can provide real-time analysis of geo-structural shifts.

After a few years based in London and working on the massive Crossrail project – where he learnt how to install the devices – his work soon took him to construction sites in the United States, Finland and South Africa.

In July this year, Reggie spent 2 ½ weeks in Sydney working with Keller’s Australian team on The Terraces, a development of the existing Scottish Hospital site to upgrade and extend the current residential aged care unit.

The Scottish Hospital, originally known as the Terraces, was built in the mid-1800s and is an important heritage site in Sydney’s exclusive Eastern Suburbs. In 1926, it was donated to the Presbyterian Church and became known as the Scottish Hospital. It ceased operations in 1998, and in 2002 the Presbyterian Church obtained approval to develop the site as an aged care facility.

Project Manager, Damian Bray explains:

“Due to the sensitive nature of the development, it was critical we were able to have real-time monitoring of the existing structure,”

“Keller collaborated with Getec colleagues to send a technician to install a state-of-the-art hydraulic monitoring system to measure the vertical movement of the wall during the works.”

“As a global company, Keller was able to take advantage of sophisticated overseas technology and apply it to critical local projects. Having Reggie here on site meant we were not just able to install the monitoring system, we were able to transfer knowledge between our UK and Australian employees.”

Reggie is now back in London, but after a taste of the Aussie lifestyle, he is keen to return when Australia calls!