GEO-Instruments automated monitoring Kennedy Center
Automated monitoring

GEO can deploy rugged, weatherproof automated monitoring systems and reliable wireless communications to collect and process data.

Survey and Manual Monitoring
Surveying and Manual Monitoring

Monitoring of deformation and settlement in buildings and infrastructure including roads, railways, excavations and tunnels.

GEO-Instruments software and web based data presentation example
Software/web-based data presentation

GEO-Instruments has a wide array of monitoring platforms at its disposal to gather and make site data readily available to our clients.

services image settlement monitoring HLC
Settlement monitoring

Whether it is for monitoring a construction-based activity or a natural phenomenon, settlement monitoring is at the core of GEO-Instruments’ monitoring services.

GEO-Instruments monitoring excavation support
Excavation support

GEO-Instruments can monitor excavations that can result in structural and ground movements.

GEO-Instruments deformation monitoring
Deformation monitoring

GEO-Instruments has a range of solutions to monitor the behaviour of an asset or land and quantify its deformation.

Environmental monitoring in London
Noise, Dust and Vibration monitoring

GEO-Instruments can provide environmental instrumentation to monitor vibration, noise and dust from construction activities like excavations, demolition, and piling.

Surveyor setting-out pile locations
Setting Out

GEO-Instruments' Site Engineering team have unrivaled experience in providing reliable Setting Out services to the construction industry.