GEO-Instruments install a wide range of geotechnical instrumentation. Our engineers provide the method statements, risk assessments and on-site supervision for the installations.

Common uses

Determining site conditions
Construction control
Monitoring loading and performance
Providing legal protection
Long-term deformation monitoring


Where applicable we use accredited drilling companies for groundworks and our own engineers for in ground and structural installations.

GEO-Instruments source, supply and install the following solutions:

  • Inclinometers (Manual, Mems IPI and ShapeArray)
  • Single and Multi-Point Piezometers
  • Multipoint Auto Extensometers
  • Deep Datums
  • Fibre Optic Piezometers and Strain Gauges
  • In Pile and Diaphragm Wall IPIs and ShapeArrays
  • Prop Strain Gauges
  • Crack meters
  • Tiltmeters (Uniaxial, Biaxial and Triaxial)

Geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring has benefits during all phases of construction. In early stages it can be essential for determining initial site conditions and confirming laboratory testing results. During construction it is used to enable the site team to guide construction control, enhance communication with stakeholders and help provide value engineering.

Post construction, the long-term performance of the ground or structure can be monitored and evaluated using Geotechnical I&M.

The data collected is invaluable to designers and engineers for developing more efficient designs and construction methods.