GEO-Instruments apply comprehensive expertise to monitor residential and commercial properties, historical buildings, and other sensitive structures, providing data and alerts that help prevent damage from construction activities.

Structural monitoring provides data for evaluating changes in the performance of a structure. It is also used to document and control for effects from nearby construction, such as vibration or changes in ground support, that might degrade the performance of the structure.

GEO-Instruments can deploy a wide range of non-intrusive monitoring solutions that allow data acquisition while remaining free from cables and equipment covering the building’s façade. The combination of small accurate digital equipment and wireless mesh networked sensors brings all the necessary elements to obtain the monitoring values required.

The use of MEMS sensors has two main benefits for this application. The first is the small size which can be packed into aesthetic nodes that can be mounted using non-destructive methods, such as magnets and gluing. Secondly, MEMS sensors run on low power which can be therefore powered for duration of up to 5 years and above with only a battery the size of a D-Cell, without requiring access for maintenance.

This last benefit brings added value to our systems for projects in sensitive environments such as churches or on the rail network where visual disturbance is to be minimized, or projects with difficult access such remote sites such as cliff or landslide monitoring, where 5 year autonomy reduces costly site maintenance visits.