GEO-Instruments is able to provide their clients with a one stop solution to their monitoring requirements. The wireless tiltmeter's that we use are a perfect solution for tunnel deformation monitoring and track twist and cant calculations. GEO-Instruments engineers are LU, NR and DLR certified. We provide a full range of condition and track geometry surveys prior to works. Instrument data is sent to GEO-Instruments Quick View software or apps for viewing.

Common uses

Track and twist cant deformation
Deformation monitoring of tunnels
Monitoring tilt of excavation faces or building façades to understand structural movement


We enhance wireless tiltmeter installations by using the in-built mesh networks where the gateway only needs to communicate with one node in order for the whole network to send data. This provides for highly flexible deployment permutations in comparison to hub and spoke wireless alternatives. Our gateway comes in a variety of options to ensure data is readily available even before the install team leaves site.

The system is highly intelligent and enables us to interact with nodes and the gateway remotely and can visualise and manage key elements within the network. For example: Battery life is important and we are able to see and predict battery life on a continuous basis. Battery life cycles fluctuate dependent on the frequency of the readings required.