In the evolving landscape of construction, precision and accuracy remain vital. 
At GEO-Instruments, our Site Engineering team uses decades of expertise to deliver a range of services that go beyond conventional setting out. 

With unmatched experience and reliability, our team caters to projects of all scales across the UK.

Diverse Expertise – Proven Flexibility

While our roots lie in providing high-quality setting out services, our capabilities go much further. Our experienced engineers have developed their skills on a wide variety of projects, making them proficient in activities such as rig alignment, soil nail positioning, and pinpointing ground improvement locations. Whether it's ensuring the alignment of intricate structures, securing soil stability, or enhancing ground quality, our team approaches each task with the same dedication to accuracy.

GEO-Instruments Setting-Out January 2022

Pioneering Technology – Dependable Outcomes

GEO-Instruments are dedicated to integrating the latest technology and innovations into our service portfolio. Our setting out engineers are equipped with the latest, industry-leading equipment, enabling them to efficiently deliver precise location information to site teams. 
This interaction of expertise and technology ensures that our clients benefit from results that are highly accurate and quickly delivered.

Streamlined Data Processing – As-Built Excellence

We are always working to improve and refine the way data is processed and translated into actionable insights. Our engineers use an intuitive data processing system that streamlines the As-Built process. This innovation enables us to offer our clients a high standard of As-Built service on a weekly basis. Combining industry-best technology, meticulous documentation, and real-world accuracy, our As-Built service provides clients with a comprehensive view of the project's progress. This service encompasses detailed Excel reports, DWG files, and PDF drawings, catering to a diverse range of project requirements.

Advancing Construction – Get in Touch

At GEO-Instruments, we understand that accuracy shapes the foundation of successful construction. Our Site Engineering team is committed to improving the way projects come to life, by bridging the gap between plans and reality.

To learn more about our range of services, don't hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated team:

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