GEO-Instruments can deploy rugged, weatherproof automated monitoring systems and reliable wireless communications to collect and process data.

Where monitoring requires automation without a site presence, GEO-Instruments can provide a continuous stream of critical measurements from the field, producing automatic reports and alerts when thresholds are reached.

We offer clients access to a web-based monitoring platform that can process incoming data in seconds and make alarms, plots, and data available via project websites, email, and messaging.


Our experienced field crews can mobilise, install and commission systems quickly and correctly.

Our team covers all the necessary tasks from risk assessment to site supervision of the equipment. Once site operations are complete, we can produce and send commissioning and installation reports.

While power supply is usually not a problem in urban environments, it can be complex because of the constantly changing work space. GEO-Instruments can design, supply and install autonomous power systems in urban and remote sites using solar panels. Whether for small independent sensors, or multiple sensor systems covering an entire site, we have the expertise to fit bespoke solar solutions which can run maintenance-free for up to five years. These systems give us the ability to run monitoring solutions as far as Africa or Asia from Europe without a site presence.

Reliable partners

GEO-Instruments works with several partners in the geotechnical sector who can supply world class sensors to provide the data required. These solid partnerships allows us to supply bespoke solutions for all projects despite their differing requirements.

Borehole installations in complex urban environments or remote sites are always done with recognised and reputable drilling companies. This ensures traceability of the drill information and quality of execution, which are critical for underground monitoring techniques.

Complex and confined environments

Our expertise allows us to supply tailored sensors and instrumentation systems, using rugged, built-to-last, industry grade materials and install them in complex spaces to deliver a solution that ticks all the boxes.

Instrumentation in complex and confined environments, like tunnels and live sewers, can have particular requirements such as ATEX ratings which prevent the use of traditional monitoring methods.

Quality execution

Our reputation for quality execution has made GEO-Instruments the supplier of choice for several of the deepest installations in Europe. These include the systems application architecture installed 50m deep in Moorgate, London, and 70m deep along the English channel coastline to monitor cliff movements - still running three years after installation.

Video featuring automated monitoring