GEO-Instruments has a wide array of monitoring platforms at its disposal to gather and make site data readily available to our clients.

GEO-Instruments uses two main types of data presentation software:

Large scale projects

For large scale projects with a need for comprehensive control over data, such as Crossrail in the UK, GEO-Instruments can mobilise client-based software installed on any PCs necessary.

These link to a database which distributes information continuously with minimal delay via GtcVisual. This software has been developed internally by GEO-Instruments and is used globally.

Its two main benefits are:

  • Advanced processing capabilities such as contours plots and deformation calculations.
  • Scalability for large projects, allowing GEO-Instruments to display and manage data for several thousand monitoring points on a single project.

Small scale projects

For small scale projects, GEO-Instruments offers QuickView. Hosted in the cloud and accessible by our clients from any Internet-connected machine with just a login and password, QuickView is quick to deploy and easy to use. Within minutes it can be set up, used and co-managed by clients when required.

QuickView was first developed in-house by GEO-Instruments in 2013. It’s a future-orientated and scalable platform, continually updated to introduce more advanced features, such as contour plots, automatic pdf monitoring reports, on-the-fly averaging and processing, site journals, automatic email and SMS alerts, multi-project management, 3D views and many more.

Quickview can fulfil all instrumentation tasks, whilst bringing robust reporting features. These include:

  • Multi type sensor display
  • Automatic email and SMS alert system
  • Automatic pdf reports
  • 3D views
  • On-the-fly processing
  • Raw and processed data export
  • Advanced data presentation graphs (contour line plots, inclinometer plots, wind roses, value vs distance spatial plots, 3D construction progress solutions)