GEO-Instruments can deliver solutions to monitor both underground and overground mainline rail services, meeting the industry’s specific requirements and standards.

Monitoring requirements typically include tunnel clearance, convergence and rail condition analyses. Traditional monitoring solutions can also be combined with complementary solutions such as mesh networks of tilt-meters to monitor track alignment, longitudinal profiles to detect local heave or settlement, as well as cant and twist for changes in running rail geometry.

Automated solutions

Continuous and automated monitoring is often required to guarantee safety on the tracks. All GEO-Instruments systems are weatherproof and continuously connected to provide permanent feedback from the tracks. Alerts can be set for threshold breaches to notify the relevant stakeholders detailed within the instrumentation and monitoring plans.

Tilt monitoring

Wireless mesh networks of tilts provide a simple to install solution that does not need any external references. Tilts can be installed on the sleepers to directly measure track geometry. Further processed values can be calculated in real time by QuickView, with the data accessible 24/7.

The wireless solution does not require cables which could be damaged, and the sensor housing is robust enough to withstand years of use under any weather conditions.

Having a mesh network also ensures a robust signal which can be routed through each measuring point which together act as a relay to the main datalogger unit.

Direct line of sight and obstructions such as railway traffic are not an issue.

Track Trolley surveys

Trolley surveys allow for fast and efficient collection of data on key track parameters. These include absolute position, cant, twist, versine, gauge and clearance.

Ideal for getting an accurate picture of track condition prior to commencement of works and over the course of a project.

Automated Total Station (ATS) monitoring

Total stations are a complete solution which can handle all rail monitoring requirements provided references and direct line of sight can be achieved. If necessary, several ATS systems can be networked together so that common points can be shared and overall accuracy can be improved. GEO-Instruments has successfully deployed one of the biggest underground ATS Networks in London, with 13 Automatic Total Stations monitoring 24/7 for the past six years with minimal downtime for maintenance.