It’s been a busy 2022 for the survey and instrumentation teams at  GEO-Instruments and the end of the year is no different.

With new projects starting in the coming weeks and significant ongoing works on long-term jobs like London Power Tunnels 2, it has been a particularly active month for GEO-Instruments.

GEO-Instruments December 2022 LPT2 ShapeArray Tunnel
A team decommissioning SAA from a Network Rail tunnel on a recent weekend track possession.

Works on LPT2 continue with instrument installations, decommissioning, and track surveys across several Network Rail and London Underground assets. 

The LPT2 project is digging a series of tunnels across south London to update the UK Power networks Infrastructure. The new tunnels cross underneath many existing rail assets that GEO-Instruments are monitoring during the tunnelling process. 

Instrumentation must be installed and surveys undertaken on each asset before the passage of the Tunnel Boring Machine. Once the TBM has passed, comparison surveys are carried out. Instrumentation can be also be decommissioned and re-used on another, future crossing.

GEO-Instruments December Works Condition Survey

Braving the recent cold temperatures an engineer performs a condition survey of a network rail asset post TBM passage. 3D monitoring prisms installed on the track were decommissioned by another team.

GEO-Instruments December Works TBM Centreline

At another crossing, ahead of a TBM, a team installed instrumentation on a nightshift possession. Here they are measuring and marking out the centreline of the tunnel.

GEO-Instruments December Works Track Tiltmeter

Tiltmeters were installed onto sleepers and and a ShapeArray was attached to the inside of the rail. Together, these sensors can build a very detailed record of track movement.

GEO-Instruments December Works Track Survey

A Surveyor undertakes a pre-TBM Track Trolley survey. These surveys accurately measure cant, twist and gauge of the rails.

As the new year approaches we are looking forward to another successful year in 2023.

Find out more about our work throughout 2022.

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