GEO-Instruments are monitoring the river wall adjacent to a luxury flat development on the north bank of the Thames.

HLC system on river wall
HLC system on river wall

In order to monitor movement along the river wall a system of HLCs and biaxial tiltmeters has been installed.

GEO-Instruments was able to draw on extensive experience of monitoring similar river walls throughout central London for the ongoing Thames Tideway project.

The combined solution of tilts and HLCs allows for precise monitoring of changes in height and inclination of the wall along the front of the development works.

Installing on these river walls brings its share of challenges owing to the Thames having a large tidal range and significant traffic throughout the day.

Using methods developed on previous projects GEO-Instruments was able to protect the sensitive equipment from damage due to submersion and impact from floating debris.

One such method was the installation of the sensors with a bespoke-manufactured protective plate that effectively protects the equipment from impacts but doesn't inhibit it's functionality or ease of installation. There had to be careful planning of works around the tide times to allow safe demobilisation from the foreshore. On this project abseilers were on standby for emergency egress.

The data collected from the sensors is recorded on an on-site logger then sent to GEO's online visualisation software QuickView.

Here it can be displayed and analysed by contractors and clients at any time, from any device.

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