Initially shown off at the re-branding launch event held in London last month, GEO-Instruments UK are preparing to release an overhauled version of our software as QuickView.

QuickView interface
The QuickView Interface

QuickView is GEO-Instruments’ web-based monitoring platform used by our engineers and clients for displaying and analysing monitoring data. It allows for fast intuitive upload and interpretation of automated and manually gathered monitoring data.

QuickView has grown along with the Company over several years, with new features and functionality added regularly according to our clients’ needs, but this is the first time the software has undergone an update as comprehensive as this.

The most noticeable changes are the modernised visual style and greatly improved User-Interface. However, significant work has also gone into less obvious, but equally important improvements to the backstage workings of the platform. These improvements include greatly reduced calculation time for rendering contours, an improved journal with added utility and enhancements to all round performance.

QuickView also now runs with full functionality on mobile devices, optimised for touchscreen interfaces.

This update will be rolled out to all clients in the near future.

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