Last month GEO-Instruments engineers installed a GNSS base station on site in North London as part of the monitoring scheme for a major rail infrastructure project.

GNSS Base Station Installation for Rail Monitoring
The Base station consists of a GNSS antenna attached to a 360 prism that can be measured by Total Stations around the site.

GNSS base stations use satellite positioning data collected over long periods to establish highly accurate locations that can be used to improve the control networks used for site monitoring.

This new base station will provide real time accurate coordinates to the control network utilizing 360 reference prisms installed throughout the site. This significantly improves the accuracy of manual and automated surveys and makes interpretation of results easier and more reliable.

With extensive works taking place near the tracks, the manual and Automated Total Station surveys will make use of this control network to monitor both site and railway assets.

Monitoring Engineers Larisa Pandi and Steven Greer installed the Base Station at a stable location near site but away from the potential influence of movement caused by site works.

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