Callum has been a part of the GEO-Instruments Survey team since 2021 and is involved in a many of our largest ongoing projects.
We spoke to him about his recent achievements and experience with the team so far.

Meet the Team Callum

What is your role at GEO-Instruments? 

I originally started at GEO-Instruments as a Monitoring Technician, assisting on site and learning the different ways to undertake monitoring surveys. I have recently taken on the new role of monitoring surveyor. Now I carry out my own surveys and lead shifts on site.

How long have you worked at GEO-Instruments?

It’s just about coming up to 2 and half years since I started back August 2021. Doesn’t time fly!?

Tell us a bit about your time with us so far?

When I started with GEO back in 2021 I was tasked with assisting the teams on monitoring one of the TBMs on the London Power Tunnels phase 2 project between Brixton and Wimbledon. We carried out levelling surveys in the streets and trackside surveys when the TBM passed under active rail lines. 
Once that phase of the project was completed, I moved on to assisting with night shift surveys on the many projects we have on Network Rail and tube infrastructure. These works involved many track trolley, tape extensometer and 3D prism surveys. I’ve now started to take on running day and night shift surveys on multiple projects.

Anything you are particularly proud of? 

Looking back on where I was in my career 3 years ago. I never expected to have completed such an array of training in this time. From trackside qualification to first aid certification. I recently achieved a level 3 Site Technical NVQ, which I’m truly over the moon at getting. I’m grateful to my work colleagues for their support and guidance in achieving it, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without their help. 

What do you like most about the job? 

By far its the people I’ve gotten to know and work with over the years. During my time with the company I’ve felt encouraged and supported in a job role that I love. Knowing that they want to help me improve and progress further in my career can make me a bit emotional sometimes. 

How do you like to spend your time when not at work?

I spent most of my downtime working on a few of my hobbies. One of them is looking after and caring for my saltwater aquarium. I’ve been into the hobby now for the past 5 years and I never expected to learn so much in a short time. The different types of species and the chemistry behind the aquarium are particularly interesting. 

By far my largest interest is in railways, which ties in quite well with my job! 
I’m mostly interested in rail modelling kits and scratch building items, but recently I’ve started plans to build a house for myself using a Victorian railway carriage from the 1870s. I managed to purchase one which needs quite a bit of work doing to it. It’s a great opportunity to put my carpentry qualifications to good use!

What are you looking forward to or working towards in the future?

I’m looking forward to advancing further within the world of monitoring and will hopefully progress on to be a senior surveyor. I’m eager to learn more about track surveys and the associated data processing, as well as develop my CAD skills. I’m also looking forward to improving my knowledge of the setup and maintenance of automated total station networks.


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