GEO-Instruments are working with Keller and Bauer Technologies on the construction of a monopile manufacturing facility in Teesside.

The Bauer and Keller joint venture (BKJV) are installing piles for a massive new factory that will manufacture bases for offshore wind turbines.
The bases, known as monopiles, are large steel structures that will form part of the foundation for wind turbines to be installed in North Sea wind farms.

Surveyor setting-out pile locations
VIDEO: Watch Senior Engineering Surveyor Nicoleta Socea setting-out pile locations on the Teesside site

BKJV are to install around 1,500 bored piles and approximately 5,500 CFA piles across the 36 hectare site. The piles are installed to designed depths between 28 and 35 metres below ground level.

GEO-Instruments are working independently for BKJV, supplying setting-out services and as-built reporting.

There have been up to 15 piling rigs running concurrently and eight setting-out engineers working with Bauer and Keller teams.

Site Engineer Dawid Bielawski has been coordinating the setting-out teams and working closely with BKJV to manage the process and issue as-built reports.

This project is a highly anticipated challenge for GEO-Instruments and I am pleased to be able to work alongside both Keller and Bauer here said Dawid.

“Managing the team of eight engineers with a wide scope of piling works has been a unique and rewarding experience.”

A GEO-Instruments Surveyor using Leica iCON Equipment

The project requires a large volume of data to be collected and processed quickly to keep the site programme moving, making it a demanding project for the GEO-Instruments team.

The Site Engineering team use Leica iCON robotic total stations. Having access to these specialised tools makes engineering work easier, faster and more efficient, especially when it comes to working with the construction of bearing piles.

The completed factory, owned by SeAH Wind, will be the largest of its kind in the world and is expected to produce more than 100 monopiles each year. 

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