The existing structure and new construction at Chicago's historic baseball stadium required monitoring.

Wrigley Field diagram

The project

GEO-Instruments carried out monitoring of a piled wall during excavation works as well as monitoring Wrigley Field Stadium itself, the home of the Chicago Cubs.

The challenge

Due to site constraints cabling each logger was not possible, so a wireless system was installed which relayed real time SAA data to our monitoring website, QuickView, allowing site engineers to use the most up to date data possible.

The solution

GEO-Instruments installed a combination of Hydrostatic Levelling Cells and tiltmeters to key structural elements along the exterior façade of the stadium next to the excavation to provide accurate 3D measurements. These were then relayed in real-time to Geo's monitoring website QuickView. The piled excavation wall was monitored with a series of SAAs which were installed as a wireless system to save on cabling and reduce the risk of damage to the system due to site traffic. All sensors were continuously checked against construction trigger levels with any trigger breaches being notified to relevant parties immediately.

Project facts


Wrigley Field

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Main contractor(s)

Hayward Baker